Current Work: Tracing the discursive genealogy of "white male victimhood" from radical white supremacist texts through to mainstream discourse. More detail coming soon.


I taught in a community known as "Ede", a small city in rural Gelderland. My students ranged from ages 12-17 and are from diverse and disparate backgrounds. My teaching emphasizes empathy through shared experience and inquiry. This year's subjects focused on: Stereotypes and expectations, race and bias, economic equity, language and thought, personal and communal myth-making, gun violence, obesity and food access, gender and sexual identity, and understanding nationalism from the dual perspectives of the US and Europe.

Research Symposium at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Research Symposium at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.




The Impact of Shifting Population Demographics and Economic Metrics on School Culture: A Case Study

Presented at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam's Pedagogical Conference, this qualitative review examines how expectations of students, faculty, and families have shifted in the past decade in a semi-rural Dutch secondary school, and its impacts on those individuals in their learning environments. Focusing on the reasons for and cultural impact of declining student enrollment, as well as shifting economic impacts on families and faculty alike, this study examines school culture from the inside out. Through interviews, class evaluations, and research, I seek to find out how school culture is contextualized by the exterior social and political schema. This study will marry the microsociological — the greater community of central Gelderland — with the microsociological — the individual relationships formed between students and teachers.

Conducted under the mentorship of Professors Frans Kranenburg and Maartje Visser.

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2014 Essay, Winner of the 2014 Hannah Arendt Center Prize

"Fat": Senior Thesis and Winner of the Lockwood Prize for Writing